The Well Construction Management anticipates a wider capability and responsibility for decision making, thus the supervising company's accountability is extended to the non productive rig downtime and drilling materials consumption.

Information Technology

The Petroviser offers ready to use software packages utilized for providing Technical Supervision Services, Mud-Logging, Horizontal Well Modeling, Cost Estimates Documentation Development.

Engineering Design

The Petroviser offers Drilling Project Design and Cost Estimation as well as Designer's Supervision over the Project Execution. The technics used by Petroviser allow create efficient projects.

Mud Logging

The Mud Logging is our traditional business activity and it is positioned as a backbone of information support to well drilling. The management of Petroviser Ltd has many years of experience of establishing and managing mud logging services in various parts of Russia.

Training Center

The Petroviser's Training Center offers Qualification Improvement for specialists of the Fuel and Energy Sector, thus taking part in securing availability of qualified and efficient employees for oil and gas companies. The Training Center has comfortable premises hosting 10-16 persons.

The Petroviser Ltd

The Petroviser Ltd was founded in 2004 as a unit of the Petroservice United Energy Group for providing technical supervison services in oil and gas wells construction.

While growing, the company started new business activities related to information technologies in well construction, and in May 2006 Petroviser becomes an independent service company registered in Tver, Russian Federation.

    Nowdays, Petroviser is involved in the following activities:
  1. Well Construction Management;
  2. Technical Supervision over Well Construction;
  3. Mud Logging;
  4. Well Placement Modeling for Development of Oil and Gas Deposits;
  5. Engineering Design and Cost Estimating of Well Costruction;
  6. Development of custom software for the Energy Sector;
  7. Implementation and Technical Support of IT solutions;
  8. Training of supervisors, mudloggers, and information technologists.

The quality of Petroviser's perfomace is accounted to it's high level professionals, while multidisciplinarity of the company allows providing comperehensive and integral services. A wide span of task is being implemented with the aid of information technology, and established, proven by time organizational interaction pattern between departments benefits to sustained efficiency of the company as a whole.