Mud Logging

The Mud Logging is our traditional business activity and it is positioned as a backbone of information support to well drilling.
The company is ready to offer individual solutions to technology and geology information support to Well Construction at all stages of construction process.

The management of Petroviser Ltd has many years of experience of establishing and managing mud logging services in various parts of Russia. The reach Mud Logging experience while drilling in different gelological formations allows successefuly cooping with a wide range of technology and geology tasks at all stages of well construction. The managers of the company had taken an active part in developing industry guidelines, РД 153-39.0-069-01 Technical Guidelines to Mud Logging in Oil and Gas Wells, as well as participated in development of the National Technical Standards for Mud Logging Practice. The company closely cooperates with NPGA CJSC, Luch Ltd, Institute of Geophisics of the Eearth of the Russian Academy of Science - Siberian Branch, NPP GERS JSC, VNIIBT, AMT JSC, and other organizations specializing in R&D for oil and gas companies.

Work Organization

To render the services the Petroviser uses Mud Loggin Units of different manufacturers. Possession of it's own Training Center ensures high level of mudlogger's expertise to operate all types of Mud Logging Units, proper data interpretation skills, and skills to analyse and fully utilize information obtained in order to support well construction in complience with engineering design. The qualification of our geologists allows carring out all kinds of field analysis of geological material, yet providing high quality and reliable results promtly.

The control and prediction of abnormally-high formation/pore pressure while drilling is the special area of our expertise. In order to reach this objective a comprehensive scope of technical, geological, and geophisical information is processed by using special software.

Transfering information to the Customer's various levels of management is carried out through our own communication channels as well as the channels provided by the Customer.