Training Center


The Petroviser's Training Center provides Qualification Improvement to specialists of the Fuel and Energy Sector, thus taking part in securing availability of qualified and efficient employees for oil and gas companies.

The Training Center has:

  1. An educational license that permits to offer vocational training and continuing education courses (series "A" license N 232434 dated October 19, 2007, valid through October 19, 2012).
  2. The Certificate of Compliance ST/SMK GОS RU N 08-00379 to quality management system GOST Р ISO 9001-200 (ISO 9000-2000) dated February 18 2008 and valid through February 18, 2011.

The current courses delivered at the Training Center were designed to upgrade qualification of:

  1. Technical Supervisors (Well Construction Supervision).
  2. System Administrators and IT Support Specialists (Software for Well Construction).
  3. Users of software applications for well construction.
  4. Mudlogging Geologists (Geology Methods).
  5. Mudlogging Operators (Technical Operations Logging).

The Training Center provides qualification assessment of personnel according to competency requirements and has everything for development and delivery of customized technical training.

There is a comfortable classroom sitting 10-16 persons. Each workplace is equipped with a PC and required software installed. At instructors' disposal there are multimedia projector, magnetic and marker boards and reference materials.

Curriculums are prepared taking into account latest technology advancements and are maximum adapted for industry realities of oil companies in Russia.

Instruction is based on alternation of lectures and practical assignments, group discussion of problems and mutual assistance of participants to each other. Participants receive course materials in print or on a compact disc. Instruction mode is in groups, full time. Upon completion of training standard certificates are granted.

Training is delivered by competent experts possessing extensive industry experience in drilling, technical supervision, and mudlogging. The instructor's team includes instructors with doctor and candidate degrees, higher institutions faculty memebers and industry professionals from such companies as Petroviser Ltd, UEG Petroservis JSC, NPK Geosphere JSC, NPP GERS JSC, NPO Burovaya Technica JSC, Bursoftproject JSC, Intelligence Drilling Services JSC.