Engineering Design

The Petroviser ofers services on cost estimatation and engineering documentation development for well construction, as well as technical supervision over project execution.

The engineering aproach utilized by Petroviser helps developing efficient projects optimized in the number of well cluster pads, number of wells on the pad, and combined measured depth of all wells. The design projects are executed in complience with the approved standards and contain all nessessary sections and meet all criteria to pass appropriate technical expertise.

Well Placement Modeling

Well Placement Modeling Well Placement Modeling

Nowdays, exploitation of oil deposites is often carried out in correspondence with comprehensive development strategies comprising utilization of cluster drilling of directional, horizontal, and multilateral wells. Engineering Design of well construction with such a chellange turns into a complex, iterational, omnioptional procedure of findig the compomise between the cost minimization, production maximization, technology limitations, and risks. Well Placement Modeling in claster drilling is the process of positioning well cluster pads on the ground of the oil feild while taking into account terrain conditions, then dedermining sequence of drilling and well path trajectory of wells.

The best optimized design is achived by performing the following tasks:

  • determining technical limitations and design variables;
  • determining cost variables (drill cost per meter, wellpad filling cost per m3, e.t.c)
  • determining and editing the placement grid;
  • entering data of previously drilled wells;
  • well pad spotting taking into account terrain profile;
  • technical analysis and feasibility of pad spotting;
  • optimizing well placement in the fixed well cluster;
  • automated profiling of well trajectories;
  • anticollision analysis (accounts ellipsoids of indefinity);
  • 3D - visualisation of well trajectories;
  • reposts generation and data export to external applications.

Upon comletion the design project the final technical and economic result are generated. These results represent all information on each well, each pad, as well as the whole drilling project. For general demonstrative purpose a representation of the whole well claster and all it's well profiles is generated in 3D video clip.