Prediction of Abnormally-High Formation Pressure

The software for prediction of Abnormally-High Formation Pressure allows to estimate formation pressure and identify the required specific gravity of the drilling fluid when entering AHFP zones and determine the depth for running casing columns.

The purpose of this application is securing safe drilling in AHFP zones.

The basic function is estimating pore and formation pressure, fracture pressure, and prediction the pressure below the current bottomehole during well construction.

Developed to support technical decision making in oil and gas well construction, mud logging, and well logging.

The users are mudloggers, well logging engineers, geologists, drilling engineers, well logging interpreters.

The software is grounded on the well known technics of determining and prediction of pore and formation pressures using well logging (electrical, sonic, radioactive) data, as well as the penetration rate normalization technic, and sludge samples analysis methods. The software embraces various ways of penetration rate normallization in order to exclude influence of drilling parameters and bit dulling on assesment of the formation rock drillability.

The software loads quickly and allows processing data from different sources, and making adjustments based on indentified pressure values.

Basic Features:

  • Graphing the line of normal consolidation of rocks;
  • Highlighting AHFP zones in the crossection of a well profile;
  • Determining values of pore/formation pressures based on well logging and mud logging data;
  • Prediction of bottomhole pressure;
  • Hydraulic fractrue pressure determination;
  • Graphing of supperpositioned pressure graphs;
  • Visual representation of any data from well logging or mud logging stations, mud sludge and core analysis data for determination of approximity intervals.