Wellpath Design and Anticollision Software for Cluster Drilling - PadCourses

PadCourses is aimed to implement tasks related to design and drilling of directional, horizontal, multilateral wells, and sidetracking while cluster well drilling. The software application Wellpath Design and Anticollision for Culster Drilling - PadCourses allows automating some tasks of wellpath design and trajectory control while drilling, thus considerable reducing time spending on execution of a number of routine technological proceduers.

Purpose - automating engineering design and controlling actual well trajectories.

Area of utilization - design and wellpath control of directional, horizontal, multilateral wells and sidertacks.

Users of application - well design engineers, directional drilling engineers, drilling engineers, toolpushers, supervisors.

Basic Features

The PadCourses is a two level software system consisting of two applications, which can be used independently.

The first application was developed for trajectory representation of a well being drilled using data of MWD system or conventional well logging and for calculations of proximity to surrounding well bores. This software is used at the wellsite.

Features Include:

  • import of inclination data from files of commonly used format and manual imput of data in interative mode;
  • calculation of trajectory parameters nessesary for getting to the target radius with possibility to take into account indefinity selected as per the chosen error model;
  • comparing projected and actual trajectory, calculation of proximity distances between wellbores and critical proximity; generating reports with calculated results;
  • visual representation of projected and actual wellbore trajectorie as per thier dimentional location;
  • total visual representation of 2D ad 3D wellbore trajectories of several wellclusters or the whole oilfield.

The second application has all features of the first one and is used for wellpath design of directional, horizontal, and multilateral wells, determining sequence of drilling wells in the cluster, optimizing direction of rig move. The application can be used at the dilling site or in the enineering office of a company.

Features Include:

  • determining minimal required depth for sidetrack kick-off;
  • determining distance between well mouthes in a cluster of wells;
  • determining sequience of drilling of wells on the wellpad;
  • trajectory design of derectional, horizontal, and multilateral wells and sidetracks;
  • wellbore collision risk estimation;
  • generating reports as per a wellpad dilling plan and a particular well drilling plan;
  • data export and import for exchange between different copies of the software.

It is possible to use the following database platforms as a data storage: MS Access, Oracle 9.x, Firebird.