Casing Design Software

The software is aimed for implementing calculation required for casing selection. The program provides visualization of calculations, including diagrams of external and internal pressure, excessive external and internal pressure. Casing design tables and diagrams are displayed in the report and can be printed out.

Basic purpose:

  • Design of casing columns for oil and gas wells for domestic and import pipes and specific conditions of drilling, including permafrost conditions;
  • Determination of basic loads affecting casing pipe and a column of pipes in the course drilling, testing and operation of vertical, directional and horizontal wells on land.

Basic Features:

  1. Calculation of pressure affecting casing at:
    cement tops;
    liquid tops in a column;
    casing shoe of previous column;
    top and subface of fluid rich formations;
    top and subface of formations disposed to flowability;
    pay zone interval;
  2. Compilation and printing of reports, including external and internal pressure diagrams, excessive external and internal pressure diagrams, as well as design tables.