Cementing Design

Basic purpose:

The software was developed to assist in the process of calculation of well cementing and compilation works procedures on running and cementing casing columns in a well.

The application allows carrying out calculation of technical details for running and cementing casing columns considering an actual wellbore trajectory, caliper logs, subsurface stratigraphy, and rheology of a drilling fluid. The software was developed for service and oil producing companies' engineers engaged in corresponding works.

Basic Features:

  • Estimation of pass ability of the column in a well and casing equipment selection;
  • Calculation of allowable speed for running casing, intervals and duration of well flushing, loads and volumes of displacement fluids;
  • Full calculation of cementation hydrodynamics: sequence, quantity and speed of pumping cementing materials, spacers and displacement liquids, pumping pressure and annulus pressure;
  • Calculation of pumping rate and its minimum duration excluding risk of hydro-fracture of weak formations;
  • Compilation of technological plan of works as per established template and exporting results of calculation in PDF and other formats;
  • Dynamic visualization of cementation process with indication of disposition of cementing components in a well and calculated pressures.