Remote Well Drilling Monitoring System - WellOnline

Remote Well Drilling Monitoring System - WellOnline is aimed for remote monitoring of drilling processes by transfering data over communication links from the drillsite to different management levels of the Customer.

The WellOnline allows an oil and gas company creating its own knowledgebase of well construction and provides all levels of management with full and accurate information on drilling proceses, work activites, and costs. All of these are essential for implementing compehensive geological, technological, and economic tasks. The system also allows to automate routine tasks of doing reporting documentation.

The main distinctions of information delivery are: accuracy, promptness, and uniformity as per accepted standard. The accuracy of information is secured by automatic recording of primary data into the system from data acquisition systems used on the drilling rig and transfering it to the user without human interruption. Promptess and uniformity of data delivered is provided by WellOnline software processing capability. All source information gets to the monitoring servers in unified form and stored in one place, thus making impossible deliberated distortion of information in document reporting to the upper levels of management.

The system represents an integral use of technical means, software and hardware, industry standards and regulatory documents, and provides recieving, delivering, processing, analisys, and storage of source data and processed data of well construction.

Primary Sources of Informaiton for Automated Data Transfer:

•  Mud Logging Stations;
•  LWD/MWD Systems;
•  Cementing Control Stations;
•  Drilling Process Control Systems;
•  Pipe Conveyed Logging Systems.

The information can be transfered realtime and as per schedule. The information from primary sources is transfered realtime, while operational reporting and any other information is transfered as per schedule.

The information delivered to the different management levels of the Customer is stored on server (servers) and is accessible to specialists at any time. The owner manages the information resource as needed and can hook up any drillsites of interest to check its status and retrieve required information. The monitoring is carried out independently from a drilling contractor.

WellOnline's Database is essential for implementing comprehensive geological, technical, and operational tasks, as well as economic analysis of drilling efficiency of wells being drilled, and strategic planning of future well construction.

WellOnline Work Principle

The main purpose of WellOnline is delivery of Mudlogging/MWD/LWD data from drilling sites to the managers of different levels in the office. The topology of objects of data communication can vary from simple options like drillsite - office to complex multilevel hierarchy.

The WellOnline at the drillsite is installed on a computer connected to the data accuisition system's computer. The WellOnline on a drillsite level provides the following:

  • recieve data from Mudlogging/MWD/LWD;
  • visual representation of Mudlogging/MWD/LWD data;
  • storing Mudloggin/MWD/LWD data in a database at the drillsite;
  • transfer Mudlogging/MWD/LWD data to the upper level in realtime or as an archive;
  • transfer to the upper level daily reports, well logs and other data;
  • recieve management decicions and register feedback from personnel.

The WellOnline server part is installed on the corporate server and provides the following:

  • recieving data from the drillsite;
  • store the data in a database located in the office;
  • visual representation of Mudd Logging/MWD/LWD data;
  • formalization and archiving decision making;
  • providing recieved data to external applications.

The WellOnline functions in automatic and instant mode. Information exchange between the object being monitored and monitoring object is carried out through a permanent communication channel.
Delivery of data is carried out in two modes: a real time mode and a package mode.

The real time mode means immediate delivery of new data to management levels. A built in data backup prevents data loss at connection breakups between drillsites and management levels.

The package delivery mode is used for scheduled data delivery. Adjustment of periodicity and scope of data for delivery can be made from management levels so there is no need to have any skilled IТ personnel at a drillsite.

Types of Data Delivered

WellOnline incorporates a set of specialized modules allowing obtaining data from the majority of mudlogging stations of Russian manufacturers:

  • DTCIS manufactured by Petroservis JSC;
  • Razrez-2 manufactured by NPP GERS JSC;
  • AMT manufactured by АМТ JSC;
  • Geotest-5 manufactured by NPF Geophysics JSC;

In addition, WellOnline is capable of data acquisition from any mudlogging stations, both local and imported ones supporting protocol WITS level 0. Data is transferred real time if it is bound to time and in a package mode if it is bound to depth.

Data from MWD/LWD Systems, Cementing Control Stations, Drilling Control Stations, Pipe Conveyed Well Logging Systems.

The data is accepted under protocol WITS level 0. The list of parameters is not limited to the parameters described in WITS protocol and can be expanded without changing WellOnline's program code.

Other Types of Data

A set of special modules that come with WellOnline enables transfer data of any types: daily reports, well logging data, photos of core, certificates of works and other documents transferred between a drillsite and management levels. Delivery of data files is made in a package mode. Separate adjustment of delivery schedule for each type of data is available.

WellOnline Features

  1. Proprietary Product:
    WellOnline is a proprietary product and can be easily adapted and customized under requirements of the Customer;
    able to function through narrow band communication channels;
    lower cost in comparison with analogues.
  2. Compatible with Wide Range of Data Sources
    WellOnline works with Mudlogging/MWD/LWD stations of various manufacturers and allows the Customer to use available stations with no necessity to make a choice in favor of any single type of station. Data acquisition under WITS protocol allows dynamically expanding the list of transferred parameters without reprogramming WellOnline.
  3. WEB Visualization
    WellOnline has a built-in functionality of Mudlogging/MWD/LWD data visualization through WEB interface, thus enabling the user to work with the data using a standard WEB-navigator without installation on computer any additional software.
  4. Compatibility with External Applications
    WellOnline allows sharing data with external software applications for further processing and interpretation. Data sharing is implemented via WITSML protocol.
  5. Data Storage
    Any common databases can be used as data storage: MS SQLServer 2005, MS SQLExpress, Oracle 9.x.
  6. WellOnline's Benefits
    Implementation of WellOnline using protected communication channels allows creating a private information resource which does not depend on types of data sources and provides full and unconstrained possession of the resource. Possession of the resource considerably raises the level of control over departments and users on sites. The cost of ownership of the information resource can be minimized by decreasing expenses for deployment and technical support if the software is purchased in package with other products. Operational expenses can also be minimized if using own IT services.