The purpose of application “Bridging & Stress Cage Calculator”

Technological development of the wells requires accurate drilling and competition of productive formations for the least damage as possible. One of major factors to prevent formation damage while drilling is to provide a filter cake on the formation face with minimum particles penetration depth. To perform this task must be selected bridging blend suitable for the properties of the drilling formation. This program is providing mud engineers the necessary data to complete the process of clogging, and to determine the fractional composition of bridging agents.

This application provides the following functional tasks:

  • Maintaining reference data for bridging products;
  • Specifying the properties of rocks on the basis of actual data, the average and maximum permeability;
  • Stress cage planning;
  • Building the target line;
  • Creation of a blend of few colmatant and optimization of their fractional composition.
  • Analysis and selection of the most appropriate blend with minimum the deviation from the target line.
  • Print results.
  • Support for data input / output in custom units of measure.