Visualization of Mud Logging and Well Logging Data - Ultimate Logs

The Ultimate Logs serves for: viewing, editing and printing mudlogging and well logging data.

Field of Utilization: drilling of oil and gas wells, mudlogging, well logging.

Users of the program are: field mudloggers and well loggers, geologists, drilling engineers of oil and gas companies, well log interpreters.

Basic Features for Field Users:

  • visualization and printing of logs;
  • information analysis;
  • input of primary geological information;
  • primary description of core;
  • documenting of operations.

Basic Features for Office Users:

  • preparation and printing of summary reporting;
  • detailed description of geology;
  • detailed description of core;
  • viewing real-time data and retrospective data in a time scale and depths;
  • complex processing of information;
  • integration of data files and documents;
  • fast search of keywords in documents.