Drilling Schedule and Resource Planning

The purpose of this application is scheduling of drilling operations and planning required resourses, as well as generating reports by type of work (derrick rig up, drilling, cementing, completion, e.t.c.) and by rigs.

The Drilling Schedule and Resource Planning application provides all levels of management of the company with information on current status of actual vs planned volumes of work and dates of activities scheduled and milestones to control.

Basic Features:

  • drilling schedule representation in the form of a Gantt diagram;
  • adjusting drilling schedule with an option of saving previous schedule;
  • automatic recalculation of scheduled dates of all activities if a bigining date or duration is changed;
  • representing information in selected scale of time and space with required exted of detalization of activities;
  • controlling matching dates of different activities utilizing the same resources;
  • network secured access for company employees to the database of the application;
  • automatic exchange of data between multiple users with different levels of authority and rights;
  • unified data directories for all levels of management.