Well Drilling Reporting Application - WellReport

The WellReport provides comprehensive documenting of all works and activities taking place on a drilling rig during well construction period.

The software is aimed to increasing efficiency of management of drilling projects through documenting drilling activities./p>

Basic Functions: assisting in description and documenting of all ongoing activities on a drilling rig, keeping all documents in a database, producing routine reports, information processing and analysis.

Usage Fields: derrick rig-up, drilling and completion, well testing, well logging.

Users of WellReport: supervisors, mud loggers, well loggers, engineers and managers of oil companies, drilling and workover contractors, and well logging contractors.

Items of Description:

  • by-process work activities on a rig;
  • supply and consumption of materials;
  • equipment inventory;
  • drilling mud parameters;
  • parameters of drilling and other data important for comprehensive characterization of drilling.

The by-process description includes chronological sequence of basic operations carried out on a rig, as well as information on geology, technology, and other parameters related to the operations. With by process description of works the following data is presented:

  • time of start/finish of operation, current measured depth;
  • mudlogging parameters quantitatively characterizing an activity;
  • casing design details and pipe specifications;
  • equipment and tools;
  • drilling mud parameters;
  • wellbore trajectories;
  • lithology;
  • materials consumption;
  • rig crew list with names and positions;
  • supplementary details reflecting quality and performance issues.

Distinctive Features:

  • flexible adjustment of report templates for daily report, bit report, mud report, pipes etc.,
  • summary reporting on groups of rigs;
  • automated data acquisition from mud logging stations;
  • distributed database sharing, multi-user system topology.

The WellReport is compatible with Remote Well Monitoring System - WellOnline. The WellReport is an ultimate source of information for all kinds of reporting from wellsites, an information base for technical and economic analysis of carried out works.